Coronavirus (COVID-19) Business Continuity Statement

The unprecedented Coronavirus situation continues, with confusion prevalent in respect of whom can or should go to work and under what circumstances; and, more poignantly, what constitutes safe working amid this invisible killer.

 As we have always made clear, the health, safety and well-being of our colleagues, clients, suppliers, consultants and the general public is and remains our highest priority and, as such and to avoid the spread of infection, we made the decision for our colleagues to work remotely as soon as it was requested that we do so under Government advice.

There is now growing pressure for us to take all practicable steps to achieve a return to ‘normality’, as much as possible. We have been preparing for this eventuality and prepared a comprehensive Return to Working Out of the Home strategy.

Return to Working Out of the Home Strategy

We will recommence providing services through working outside of the home on the following bases;

  1. Where it is impossible, or significantly impractical, to undertake that work remotely using the technological systems available, such as site inspection services and undertaking site valuations, and;

  2. Having undertaken a thorough assessment of the health, safety and wellbeing measures in place to protect our colleagues, we consider that it is safe for our colleagues to undertake that work outside of the home.

The steps we will take to assess the adequacy of health, safety and wellbeing measures, will include:

  1. Carrying out our own in-house Site Visit and Office Risk Assessments, equipping our teams with the knowledge and equipment they need to work safely amid the ongoing Coronavirus threat;
  1. Obtaining confirmation from Contractors (where applicable) that they have implemented and are adhering to the Construction Leadership Council’s Site Operating Procedures (Protecting Your Workforce During Coronavirus (Covid-19) v3 and have adequate risk assessments in place to help protect our colleagues, their workers and other visitors;
  1. Establishing clear communications strategies prior, during and following site visits, both internally and with Clients and other external stakeholders;
  1. Identifying safe methods of travelling to/from site, accessing/egressing the site (and specific areas within) and identifying access to and availability of suitable welfare and refreshment facilities (irrespective of whether these are on the site or not);

We will, of course, keep in regular and close communication with all parties affected by our decision to recommence (or re-suspend, as the case may be) service provision through working out of the home.

If management within Silver, or indeed our colleagues, reasonably conclude that the health, safety and wellbeing of our colleagues cannot reasonably be ensured, or indeed that the measures put in place by third parties are inadequate or not being followed, we will cease immediately the planned or ‘in progress’ delivery of those services through work outside of the home.

The following information sets out the broader measures we have introduced and will be maintaining, which apply across our teams to ensure we have a consistent approach throughout the business:

Covid-19 Task Force

Our Task Force continues to meet twice daily (remotely) to share information and assist the business with the short, medium and long-term actions required specifically to deal with the implications of this coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

Remote Working

Our colleagues continue to work remotely and use the tools they have each been equipped with to maintain business continuity. Save for the limited bases set out in our aforementioned Return to Working Out of the Home Strategy, all employees within Silver will continue to be remote working at the present time and for the foreseeable future.

The use of electronic documentary and photographic evidence will continue be adopted for the purposes of meeting client needs.

Avoidance of Public Transport

Our colleagues will not be using public transport.

Visitors to our offices / Attendance at Meetings

Our policy of not hosting face to face meetings at our offices remains in effect until further notice.

Our colleagues will also not be attending face to face (around the table) meetings in any location, other than via video conferencing systems which are available.

We are also continuing to advocate that for any online meetings, attendees are limited to those for whom it is considered essential that they attend.

Systems and Management

Our fully cloud based IT platform and robust systems remain accessible remotely by all colleagues. All of our colleagues are equipped with mobile devices and laptops to enable full business activity from any location, to ensure business continuity.

Changing Working Practices

Colleagues have been asked to regularly monitor UK Government guidelines and adopt alternative working practices which are advised.

Contacting us

Whilst we are able to work remotely and aim to provide you with our normal service, we would ask that wherever possible, you correspond with us electronically or by telephone. Please do not send post to our head office address as we cannot guarantee that this will be collected in the foreseeable future.

If you have sent important documents to our office in the past 2 to 3 weeks, can you please advise us in order that we can make arrangements for collection without putting our colleagues or other third parties at risk.

The systems we have in place have thus far proven robust for the purposes of business continuity. We are aware however that we may experience some technical issues which are out of our control. We appreciate your patience and ongoing support while we continue to adjust to these extraordinary times.