development and
construction consultancy

Silver has an experienced and well trained Quality Control team, providing substantial technical back up, exceeding the previous perception of a ‘site inspection’ service. Our combined site inspection expertise includes ‘new build’ construction and refurbishment; the conversion and repair of existing properties and renewable technologies. 

Silver is proud of achieving zero defects at handover for a number of projects derived from our commitment to safeguarding quality and best practice throughout the construction phase

Our quality control service aims to achieve a high standard of workmanship to the schemes undertaken by Silver, to ensure value for money and a quality built asset. 

Our primary focus is therefore centred on the elimination of defects and the improvement of quality in construction works supported by clear and concise reporting procedures.

Our service is aimed to be non-confrontational in the spirit of modern partnering and we separately offer formal or informal dispute resolution.

Real value doesn’t come from putting right what has already gone wrong; it comes from ensuring it is done correctly in the first place.