development and
construction consultancy

Silver recognises that the ultimate objective of our clients is to provide quality housing and a safe environment for their residents.

To respond to this key objective, Silver strives to play a leading role in achieving zero defects on all projects but recognises that following Practical Completion, defects are inevitable. Silver has a dedicated Aftercare team with the sole responsibility of managing and monitoring defects resolution during the Defects Liability Period. Our proactive service, coupled with a realistic approach taken in identifying ‘what is’ and ‘what isn’t’ a defect, has achieved improved customer satisfaction for our clients.

We recognise that even the most successful construction phase delivery can be undermined by a customer’s perception of inadequate service during the Defects Liability Period. The key difference in our Aftercare service is how defects are handled to ensure the best outcome for our clients and their customers.

Our Aftercare team:

  • are involved in the project prior to handover to equip them with operational and project knowledge when assisting client management teams and to effectively manage customer expectations during the Defects Liability Period; 
  • collate robust records of all defects, culminating in real time tracking to ensure timely completion for each identified defect;
  • provide timely and accurate defect reports to assist our clients in resolving defects with their customers and in-house teams;
  • interrogate and collate our statistical data and analysis to identify quality standard of components and workmanship for future consideration.

As part of our commitment to ensure our quality standards are linked with customer satisfaction results and promoted within the industry, Silver facilitates a number of seminars to demonstrate and share best practice in defects management and contractor mediation.