development and
construction consultancy

"Overall the team performed really well to ensure delivery of a high quality product we can all
be proud of."
Jennifer Jess, Programme Delivery Manager, LHA-ASRA Group (Elmgrove Point)
"Having worked with Silver before,
I can rely on an excellent service."
Liz Sargent, Senior Project Manager, Notting Hill Housing
(100 Park Village East)
"I have worked with Silver on four schemes with four different Employer’s Agents and can state with confidence that the company has a very strong, accomplished and knowledgeable workforce."
Zano Jongloy, Project Manager, A2Dominion Group
"Silver have managed the project effectively and have sought to ensure delivery of a good product on this scheme."
Sue Nicholls, Development-Project Manager, First Wessex
(Heron Wood Road Aldershot)