We are currently recruiting for the following positions within Silver:

Job Reference BS/SBS 2021 - Building Surveyor / Senior Building Surveyor - Click here for more details

Job Reference PM/SPM 2022 - Project Manager / Senior Project Manager - Click here for more details

Job Reference QS/SQS 2021 - Quantity Surveyor / Senior Quantity Surveyor - Click here for more details

Job Reference PD/CDM 2022 - Senior Principal Designer / CDM Advisor - Click here for more details

To apply, please send your CV to recruitment@silverdcc.com. Please quote the relevant Job Reference in the title of your email.

None of the vacancies listed above suit your experience and skills? No problem. We always welcome CVs from project managers, surveyors, site inspectors, CDM practitioners, construction managers and design managers. Please send your CV to recruitment@silverdcc.com with a note explaining why you would like to work at Silver.

Getting better all the time


It's our people that make the difference. Their skills, their attitude and their shared values define our working culture. Our current success and long-term prosperity depend on their contribution.


The Silver Difference at Work

Everyone at Silver should be able to realise their potential, feel recognised and rewarded, and have a fulfilling career. We are proud of our high employee retention and our clients appreciate it as well. For them, it’s a guarantee of continuity and consistency in the delivery of a high-quality, professional service.

Every one of our employees should have the opportunity to improve their skills and develop their competence. That’s why our policy is to provide a minimum of 25 hours’ training per person per year.

Our Excellence Training Centre (ETC) offers easy access to a wide range of CPD training and soft skills courses. In addition, a programme of courses in partnership with GBC and Pitman Training supports learning and development in key administration, personal and management development skills.

Working at Silver

Kevin Collier
Senior Site Inspector

"The first thing I noticed about Silver when I joined was how friendly everyone was across the organisation. I have had great support from group directors, directors and my colleagues alike, which has helped me to adapt from working on the practical construction side to working at Silver as a site inspector consultant for the client."

Graduate Opportunities

We offer placements for graduates who are looking to develop successful careers in project management, quantity surveying and building surveying.

From day one, they benefit from a tailored programme designed to work hand-in-hand with their studies and coursework. As well as gaining practical experience from working in the field, they also gain invaluable guidance and advice from a senior professional allocated to them as a mentor.


Dillon Bourke
Senior Associate, Project and Cost Management

“I joined Silver with no previous experience in the construction industry and I don’t think I could have chosen a better place. My mentors in the senior team have given me the opportunity to learn the role of quantity surveyor on my own, whilst always being there to give support when I need it. This, when coupled with the friendly environment around the office, makes for an extremely good place to work. It’s only been two and a bit years and I am half-way though my master’s and already running my own projects.”